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Two poems in Takahē 95

The April issue of Takahē arrived in the my letterox earlier this week with two of my poems: 'Calling the Wind' and 'Tidal Love'. Thank you Takahē poetry editors - Jeni Curtis and Gail Ingram!

'Calling the Wind' was written for Joanna Preston's 24 Hour Poetry Competition. She released ten words at 12.01am and we had until 11.59pm to integrate them into one poem. when I saw words like 'architecture' and 'voltage' and 'unfamiliarity', I about died. How on earth was I going to put them all into a poem and have them not stick out? Now, when I read Calling the Wind, I can barely remember which words were given by her and which I chose to use myself. I think that's a sign that I accomplished the task!

If you'd like to read 'Tidal Love', I encourage you to support the creative writing community and purchase a copy of Takahē 95, available at all good bookstores in NZ. Not sure what the options are if you are out of NZ - might have to get in touch with Takahē directly.

Congratulations to my friend, Scott Menzies, for his excellent short story 'The Alpha' which also appears in this issue.

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